Genetically Diverse Plants

Genetically Diverse Plants

The genetically diverse (GD) native plant and seed offerings provided by Native Roots, LLC number in the thousands of species.  The nursery does keep a small supply of finished materials on hand for walk in sales.  Please check our inventory on the website as we update that weekly throughout the growing season.  The preferred method of working on quality plant and seed deliveries is through contract growing of the materials.  Native Roots, LLC is not a speculative grower and thus we often cannot cover volume orders without advanced notice. This coupled with the desire to provide genetic source materials for our client’s projects simply prohibits us from having an at the ready inventory offering.  Simply call us once a need has been identified for native materials (seed or plant) and we can generate an effective timeline for delivery of quality finished plant and seed materials for the project.  Clients can utilize the genetically diverse materials in “traditional” landscape applications but due to the nature of the plants often the results will be different than intended.  Native Roots, LLC recommends utilizing the Native Roots™ branded line of plant materials in these situations.   We want to promote the genetic diversity in the wild but need some predictability in our personal spaces. 

Where and how do you purchase Native roots, LLC plant materials?  The NR™ branded line of native plants are available one of four ways.   

  1. You can buy limited quantities of finished materials from the home nursery located in Twin Falls, Idaho.   
  2. You can sign up as a certified grower and purchase seed or plug liners from our Twin Falls facility.   
  3. You can purchase Native Roots™ plant materials from one of our certified wholesale growers.  
  4. Finally, you can purchase Native Roots™ from a retailer near you that caries the brand.  If you do not have a retailer that caries the brand near you, please let us know where you are, and where you shop.  From there we will do what we can to get the NR™ plant materials onto store shelves near you. 

The only way to purchase a genetically diverse seed mix, or genetically diverse plant materials is by contacting us at our home office in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Once we hear from you we will get you a quote right away.  As always contract grows generate the best price point and highest quality plant material for your restoration plant and seed needs.  Our finished plant inventory is available on the web site We always like to remind folks that volume dictates price, we are always willing to adjust pricing based on large quantity orders.

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